Bereavement Counselling

BEREAVTHPThe death of kith and kin often is a grief, although normal life processes can some time manifest in unexpected ways. People respond in different manner to grief some respond with anger, while some people withdraw themselves and some people become completely numb. At times, grief can act as trigger for mental health conditions, like anxiety, depression, and psychosis. The time spent for adjustment to loss of someone near and dear is Bereavement. There is no wrong or right way to think, feel and act during the bereavement period – everyone copes in their own way. A specialised counselling aims at supporting individuals who have experienced the loss of a loved one is referred as Bereavement counselling. This counselling supports to work through the grief, learn coping strategies to help them when they are on their own. Bereavement counselling is helpful to people of any caste, creed or age, who perceive overwhelming loss or whose life is being adversely impacted by their grief.

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