Self-affirmations and Self Esteem

Positive statements that help one to overcome negative and self-defeating behaviors are known as affirmations. These statements work in a way, when you repeat the statements automatically it leads to believing in them, thereby making changes in the cognitive processes and in this way positive changes begin to happen. These affirmations change the previous negative outlook of the things in a more positive and optimistic way. Affirmations are a kind of mental exercises to improve mental health just like our body requires repetitive exercises to maintain good physical health.
Various studies have shown that positive self-affirmations can really help you improve your performance at work by boosting self-confidence, relaxing the nerves. Study shows that self-affirmations can also reduce stress and thereby increasing problem-solving abilities. Self-affirmations also prove to help in the conditions of depression, anxiety, and mental health conditions by stimulating the different parts of the brain in a positive way.
♦ Here are some examples of Self-affirmations to BOOST SELF ESTEEM –
♦ I am growing and changing for the better self.
♦ I love myself.
♦ Mistakes are an inevitable part of human life. They help me in growing and learning.
♦ I am able and I can do it.
♦ I believe in my abilities.
♦ Practicing self-affirmation
♦ Stand in front of a mirror, and repeat the affirmation 21 times for at least 21 days to see the changes.

Self-affirmation is a great self-help tool to enhance one’s mood, boost the self-confidence whenever feeling low. So practice positive affirmations daily to see the healthy changes in outlook.