How to deal with grief?

5 things that you should keep in mind

Grief is a universal feeling that every person has to contend with at least once in their life. It can be due to so many reasons like accidents and deaths, divorces, anticipatory grief (when a loved one is suffering from a fatal disorder), loss of home or a job. It’s never easy to deal with this especially when these incidents took us by surprise.

While every individual deal with grief in their own different ways, it is important to make sure that we do it in a healthy way and do not develop any negative ideologies or problems. For healthy coping, we should try to do the following –

1) Do not put blame on others and/or yourself
We often hear us say words like “I should have done something”, “I should have been there”, “you could have saved her”. Although, this blaming is part of the denial stage and the grief process but makes it harder to come out of it and deal with it

2) Confront your emotions
Along with grief and remorse, we also suffer from a cocktail of different emotions like anxiety, frustration, anger, and bitterness. While dealing with the grief, we need to focus on all these emotions.

3) Form positive affirmations
It is very grief to deal with grief as it is but when we have toxic negative people around it becomes even tougher. When you are dealing with this, you should your feelings and remorse and not on what others are saying about what you should or should not do?

4) Embrace the change
While we are busy dealing with the loss that we have just encountered, we sometimes take a moment to realize what changes this loss has actually instigated on us. For example, the loss of a spouse changes the person’s social status (make them widow or widower) or it leaves them to raise their children alone. All these changes are harder to accept but in order to deal with our grief, we need to embrace them.

5) Maintain physical health and strength
The shock can cause change is sleeping patterns, appetite, nausea, headaches, weight loss, etc. It is important to keep up your physical strength while coping with loss.